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Tiger Do Jang - Waldorf MD Karate Martial Arts Personal Training Tae Kwon Do
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Tiger Do Jang Instructors

Master Wesley C. Jenkins

7th Dan
Owner & Master Instructor

A veteran of numerous tournament martial arts championships, began training in traditional Tang Soo Do at 13 in 1969 and earned his black belt in 1975. Master Jenkins became interested in Tang Soo Do for self defense at first because the "streets were tough" but admits to being "fascinated" with a 1960's TV show, the Green Hornet. Bruce Lee played the Green Hornet's sidekick Kato.

After a few months of training, Master Jenkins began to see the physical benefits of hard training and started to train in earnest, which in turn built his confidence. Master Jenkins won his first black belt championship before he became one. His instructor let Jenkins borrow his black belt. Master Jenkins competed as a black belt and won Grand Champion for sparring.

Master Jenkins was in the Army from 1976-1979 and taught Tang Soo Do while stationed in West Germany. After his active duty tour, he returned to training under his former instructor and began competing. After winning scores of local,state and international championships including Amateur Athletic Union state champion, he retired from competition after winning his division at the First World Tang Soo Do Association Championship held in Philadelphia, PA.

In 1994, Master Jenkins moved to Waldorf and began studying Tang Soo Do under Grand master Myung Seok Seo of Waldorf, Maryland. At the request of Grandmaster Seo In 1996, Master Jenkins resumed competition and won several Forms and Sparring titles including,Grandmaster So's East Coast Championship for 3 years straight. Also he competed at the prestigious American Eagle classic and won the coveted "Gold Ring" To honor Grandmaster Seo, Master Jenkins dedicated all of his championships to Grandmaster Seo and to be a bench mark for the students to follow.

In 1998, Master Jenkins began teaching cardio karate at Gold's Gym and in 1999 he opened the Tiger Do Jang, a true martial arts academy where everyone can be their best !

Master Jenkins competed in and won many prestigous world class championships in forms and sparring. Including full contact fighting in the famous PKA. He has been recognized for his dedication and success in the martial arts world. "Master Jenkins gives so much to the martial arts world. He provides our community with a great place to learn morals, values, respect, and discipline," said World famous Grandmaster C.S. Kim..


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