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Tiger Do Jang - Waldorf MD Karate Martial Arts Personal Training Tae Kwon Do
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Teaching Martial Arts and Fitness in Waldorf Maryland for Over 20 Years

Tiger Do Jang has been providing high quality martial arts instruction in Waldorf, Maryland since 1988. Tiger Do Jang provides diverse martial arts and fitness programs for all ages and skill levels. To learn more about our exciting martial arts and fitness classes, select the appropriate link below.

Try our regular martial arts programs and body sculpting classes free for one full weeks - without any further obligation. Simply fill out our online information request form to receive this online special! You'll be glad to did!

Children Martial Arts

Our children programs will help channel your kids energy in a productive manner! Our programs are proven to increase our children students confidence, discipline, motor coordination - while having fun at the same time!

Little Tigers

We believe that the time between ages three and six are the most important years of a child's development. Let us help enhance your child's mental and physical development in a fun, positive and motivating way. Enroll your child today, and help prepare them for life!

Children Martial Arts

Our children's martial arts program combines traditional martial arts training with high level character development and state of the art teaching methods. Not only do our children learn self-defense, they also develop very positive feelings about themselves and others.

Family Classes

Family programs develop team spirit. Our programs are designed to develop and strengthen the unity of the family. When individuals work together as a team, their individual talents will naturally improve. This is the class where parents and children learn together.


Adult Martial Arts

Our teen and adult programs are a great way to relieve stress, get and stay in shape and learn valuable self defense skills at the same time. Our programs blend a great physical workout with practical real-life self defense techniques and are ideal for both men and women!

Teen and Adult Martial Arts

Our Teen and Adult Martial Arts program is designed to teach our students a high level of self-defense with many other benefits. Our students soon discover that Tiger Do Jang is more than just punches and kicks!

Body Sculpting

Our Body Sculpting Class is one of the hottest workouts in America. If your goal is to lose weight, stay in shape and get toned this is the class for you. You can burn up to an amazing 800 calories per session!



A veteran of numerous tournament martial arts championships, began training in traditional Tang Soo Do at 13 in 1969 and earned his black belt in 1975. Master Jenkins became interested in Tang Soo Do for self defense at first because the "streets were tough" but admits to being "fascinated" with a 1960's TV show, the Green Hornet. Bruce Lee played the Green Hornet's sidekick Kato.

Master Jenkins was in the Army from 1976-1979 and taught Tang Soo Do while stationed in West Germany. After his active duty tour, he returned to training under his former instructor and began competing. After winning scores of local,state and international championships including Amateur Athletic Union state champion, he retired from competition after winning his division at the First World Tang Soo Do Association Championship held in Philadelphia, PA.