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Waldorf Maryland Karate and Martial Arts - Tiger Do Jang
  • Tiger Do Jang Waldorf MD: (301) 645-1529

Martial Arts and Fitness Programs

Students and enthusiasts of Martial Arts have many reasons for their interest in the martial arts. Some are drawn to the physical fitness and weight-loss aspects of training. Others seek to add discipline and self control to their lives. While still others are concerned about safety and self-defense.

Whether you are interested in our programs for mental or physical well being, Tiger Do Jang ers a number of programs that will fit your developmental needs and your busy schedule as well.

Click on the program you would like to learn more about:

Little Tigers- We believe that the time between ages three and six are the most important years of a child's development. Let us help enhance your child's mental and physical development in a fun, positive and motivating way. Enroll your child today, and help prepare them for life!

Little Tigers will improve your child's basic motor skills, as well as your child's positive mental skills. These skills will help your child enter society with a confident and enthusiastic outlook. Your child will become a better student in school, a better listener at home and feel more ambitious towards his/her future goals.

Children Martial Arts- Our children’s martial arts program combines traditional martial arts training with high level character development and state of the art teaching methods. Not only do our children learn self-defense, they also develop very positive feelings about themselves and others.

There are many concerns with how our children are growing up in today's world. The pressures on our youth today are very different from when we were growing up. Children don't only have to worry about getting good grades and behaving, they have the constant battle of avoiding drugs, gangs, violence, bullying and peer pressure.

Family Classes- Family programs develop team spirit. Our programs are designed to develop and strengthen the unity of the family. When individuals work together as a team, their individual talents will naturally improve. This is the class where parents and children learn together.

There's no need to spend two or three hours at the dojo waiting for everyone to take their age appropriate class. This class is designed for parent and children who want to take class at the same time. One or both parents must be enrolled with one or more children. The curriculum is the same in all other age divided classes.

Teen and Adult Martial Arts- Our Teen and Adult Martial Arts program is designed to teach our students a high level of self-defense with many other benefits. Our students soon discover that Tiger Do Jang is more than just punches and kicks!

Our program will help you stay in shape. You will gain flexibility through our stretching techniques which will decrease your chances of injury in sports and everyday life. You will build strength and tone your body with our dynamic, isometric, and repetitive exercises. You will gain confidence and self-esteem by improving your physical fitness, body composition, skill level and self-defense skills.

Body Sculpting- Our Body Sculpting Class is one of the hottest workouts in America.

If your goal is to lose weight, stay in shape and get toned this is the class for you. You can burn up to an amazing 800 calories per session!

Resistance training, Basic Step Combinations, abdominal exercises combined with Cardio karate make this unique class the fastest way to gain muscle and loose fat. Plus you’ll have a team coaches and instructors to give you all the guidance you’ll need to achieve your fitness goals.

Personal Training- A personal trainer is not a luxury and it is not just for the elite. It is a necessity for each and every exerciser, new and seasoned. It will payoff immediately in the form of your results!!! Isn't that the reason you exercise, to create your personal results.


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